Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting Settled In

I'm finally back!  The move from GA went rather well. According to Jim, the cats "sang" the entire trip. I just had to listen to the dog snoring in the back seat!  We weren't able to move into our rental house until the end of July - it was a long, hot month of scrubbing, painting, electric work, cleaning, etc. We've since gone back to GA twice since June for more stuff. (And could easily repeat the trip several more times...) The best part about the new place is I have a small room to use as an office/craft room!  I have shelving and peg board so I'm actually organized. It's great having my own private space to work in.

I have a new office to hang my Realtor hat in and I'm so happy to be part of the Fonville Morisey team! There's been extensive training and even though I'm not a brand new agent, it's been fantastic. I have learned a lot! 

I have a commission I'm working on - bath tub faucets and spout for a tub slightly over 1/12th scale. It's coming along. I'll post photos soon. It's a challenge! I've also signed up for my first swap in many months - potted flowers! Looking forward to doing this one - I love making mini flowers!

The hot hot summer weather seems to be leaving;  Fall weather is starting to settle in here.  I love it!