Friday, June 17, 2011

So Many Things Going On!

Since my last post, a lot of things have happened. I changed offices to one where I'm much happier. I spent far too long hanging on at the last office; what's the point really, when you're not happy and you're not appreciated?  There's so much paperwork involved when you change real estate offices.

The biggest event will be in less than 9 days when my husband and I hit the road, caravan style, to move to the Raleigh NC area. Yes, we're moving! I am excited and nervous! We found a little house to rent at an agreeable price, we've got St. Joseph buried in the front yard (taking every little bit of help we can get in selling this place!) and we're taking the plunge. The job market while not perfect is much better than the dismal reality here.  He's driving his big work truck towing a trailer and I'll be driving the Subaru towing a small trailer. I need all the best wishes I can get having never really towed anything before.

We've been acclimating the dog to riding in the car. Other than the vet, we've never took Bluebell anywhere before; she's been getting a crash course in the past couple weeks. Bluebell is a big girl and she nearly takes up the entire back seat in the Subaru. My house is crammed with boxes - I've got the majority of the packing done. Jim has been getting the vehicles ready, and crafted a portable house for the cats.

Meghan, in the meantime, has just begun a summer job of house sitting. It includes an elderly dog and a cat so she's in heaven. We'll be joining her there for a week or so while the rental is gotten ready. Our heartfelt thanks to Roger, Silvia and family for this great opportunity. When we get up there, the first order of business will be moving her out of her apartment. So I won't be relaxing any time soon.

Sadly, the Spring Fling project has fallen by the wayside during all this. It will be done - my husband and I are still committed. It just won't be in time for judging in July. I'll be taking the project with us.  My clay is all packed already.

This is the lovely peninsula haven we're leaving behind in GA.

Toodles for now! Cyndy