Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween is just 12 days away!


My craft room has been reorganized and rearranged!!  My dear husband ripped out the old, icky carpet and laid down a new floor. He built me a new shelf unit. I have gone through everything and sorted or discarded as needed. The result is a better space to work in and I know where everything is!  I even labeled all the totes, boxes and bins.  I'm still working on it but it looks so much better. 
 Here's a little witch I created over Labor Day weekend:
I've named her Hazel.
Toodles,  Cyndy

Busy in Real Life and Minis!

Things have been particularly busy for me this year workwise.  I also do open houses almost every Sunday afternoon.  It's a good thing but it sure does interfere with my mini life.
A mini friend from the Cary NC "Small Wonders" club just completed her roombox vignette with a Raggedy Ann & Andy theme and asked me to do a cake for her. Here's what I came up with:
A back view of the "hair":
I recently bought a Makins Clay Extruder. That's how I was able to make the "hair".  I delivered the cake yesterday. To say she was pleased is an understatement. :) 
Next up is a photo of my creations during the Small Wonders Sept. meeting. BJ was kind enough to bring all the supplies and let us go!  The pumpkin 'bag' started out as part of a string of Halloween lights. BJ has the mini 'eye'.

My husband, daughter and I will be participating in the annual Arts Fest at our UU fellowship in two short weeks.  I've been busy crocheting, sprucing up my mini inventory and creating new items.  This year I will be offering cake slice earrings. These have been fun to make.

Back in September, my daughter and I attended the mini show in High Point, NC.  It was a quick trip as we both had to work that afternoon.  I picked up a few goodies including this doll kit:

"He" is going to become the witch proprietor in my planned Witch's Bakery.  This is a Sherry Colvin doll - she has amazing kits and I hope I can do it justice with my final product.

I attended my first NAME State Day event last weekend. We're working on a revised alcove project and it will eventually be a library room box. My husband cut the kits for my daughter and I. I'm excited to see it coming together. Still in progress is my kitchen roombox with a bumblebee theme. Meghan is going with a sunflower theme. I need to get busy and finish something! 

Have a fantastic weekend. If you're in Raleigh NC stop by my office in Brier Creek tomorrow - we're having a client appreciation event with free pumpkins, a bouncy house, free food and lots of great prizes to raffle off.