Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three New Cakes in Two Sizes

I worked on some unfinished objects last night and here are the results. The two pink cakes are raspberry cream layer cakes in 1 inch and 1/2 inch scale. If you look close you might see the raspberry jam between the layers. Also you'll see that they need a bit of touch up. (Photographs can really make an oops stand out, can't they?)  I'm debating on the spice cake - it seems to be lacking something. I keep thinking some carrots on top but it's a spice cake, not a carrot cake.... 

I was helping my daughter with her Easter table project. It's going to be really cute!  Maybe she'll let me show it off here. As I was showing her how to fix her plastic cups, I managed to slice my finger tip with a razor blade.   Amazing how quickly that can happen. I'm okay but the bandaid makes me clumsy with minis.

Have a great day! Toodles,


Danielle's Pendant

This is the resin heart pendant I have created for Danielle, who's married to my nephew Jake.  They have been living in Germany the last few years (he's in the US Army) and will be back home soon. I will wait to send it to her then (why give her one more item to pack?)  It's not perfect, but maybe that's part of the charm. Hope she likes it!



p.s. I'll still be making one filled with many smaller roses.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Posies, Pickles and a Plethora of Cupcakes

While real life has gotten busier lately (a good thing when you're a real estate agent!), I have managed to create miniatures in the odd spare moment. This past weekend I found a number of half finished items in my stash and this is what I came up with.

Three lonely pink posies and an unfinished square cake turned into this sweet confection. The leaves add just the right touch of extra color here.

A side product of my resin heart necklace project is excess resin. Thus I created a jar of pickles! It still needs a lid. I had a cucumber cane in my stash - always nice to already have something made when you're looking for it. The 'mold' used for this was a rubber pencil eraser - the kind that slips over the end of your pencil. I coated the eraser with baby oil and was able to pop the 'jar' right out.

Lastly, having a few cupcakes begging to be decorated led me to this collection. Some are orange cupcakes with a light sprinkle of orange sugar. Others have a small yellow flower with an orange center. They will look great on a bakery tray!

As for the rose filled resin heart, I may have a winner! I need to do a bit of light sanding and buffing before I show you.

Have a great evening! Toodles,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fabulous Caroline is having a giveaway

and you get to choose which prize you'd like!  Caroline does amazing miniatures work - her items are lovely and unique (snails anyone?!)