Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wine and Cheese Party Swap Finished Item

The picture could have been better...sigh....Fingers double crossed that the swap items arrive safely. They were wrapped in bubble pack, put in a small box, wrapped in bubble wrap again, then put in the mailing box which was lined with more bubble pack.  Can never use too much bubble pack when it comes to shipping minis! 

 I made everything except the board and doily. The hors d'oeurves were a bit fiddly to make but I like how they came out. The crackers could have been a bit thinner - but I love the serrated edges on them.

Happy Birthday to my nephew Jake, currently stationed in Germany with the US Army.
Have a great day everyone ~ Toodles!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

A fine sunny morning here. Marred only by the 'singing' of the 13 year cicadas. (If you've never heard them, it's a constant drone from sun up to sun down. If you've ever seen hovering alien spacecraft in a 1950's sci fi movie, you get the idea.) Today, to spice things up, the sound is undulating. Hmmmm.

Jim and I went to the annual seed swap yesterday. Lots of fun, great people and we always come home with an exciting new plant or seeds. (Yesterday's treasures: sunchoke plant!)  We sold some fresh from the garden greens, and a few spare plants. Like last year, I toted along my miniatures and beaded jewelry. Didn't sell any last year, but you never know. A nice young man bought a set of mini breads for his Mom in FL who collects minis. Yay! Then I sold some jewelry and more miniatures too. All in all a good day!

Ok, now back to work! Still haven't finished the swap items - eek! They have to go out tomorrow.

Toodles - have a great day!