Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I've Been Up To

It seems inevitable that real life will always find a way to interfere with the fun stuff I would prefer to do.Don't get me wrong, I love being a REALTOR(R) - and the income helps support my mini addiction - but I do wish I could find the time more often to indulge in my hobby. 
Things have been fairly quiet mini-wise these past few months. Too quiet. Aside from monthly mini club meetings, I wouldn't get much done. This past weekend, I was FINALLY  able to play with some clay this past weekend.
So there I sat, my big bin of clay at my fingertips, and totally blank on what to create....
I did finally decide and was able to make these yummy quesadillas:
There's cheese, spinach (my favorite) and veggie versions.
Small Wonders Miniatures Club in Cary has decided on a garden shed for our group project this year and we've been working on a different item each month.
Last month, I taught everyone how to make a spider plant from paper.
It was easy & lots of fun to do.
This month, Crystal Johnson provided all of us with a fantastic kit for a potting bench. I have gotten mine assembled but will be aging and distressing it for more realism soon.

The kit went together very quickly.
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. I did get a chance to take a week off and visit family in PA.  Then, evidently, we brought all the rainy weather from PA back to NC. What a soggy summer we're having! But the mushrooms are big and beautiful.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NC State Day 2014

The Cary and Raleigh miniature clubs have teamed up to co-host the NC State Day events in April 2014. The theme is "A Room for All Seasons" and it's based on a three section room box - see my bumblebee kitchen room box in previous posts. Our clubs will be displaying our finished rooms - including a pathology lab, quilt shop and chocolate shop.

We have spent the last several monthly meetings creating tote bag favors. Several of us are creating the table centerpieces and finding creating items for the raffles. Looks to be a great day filled with fun, friendship and minis!  This will be my first State Day event and I'm looking forward to it. If you'll be in the Raleigh NC area April 5th, I hope you'll be able to join us. 



Mini Roscoe was the Talk of the Reception

This is Mr.and Mrs. Kyle (Eileen Hennigan) Desrosiers and their dog, Roscoe.
We enjoyed a beautiful wedding weekend in Syracuse NY.
The cake table where my mini rendition of Roscoe drew many comments and praise.

This cake topper was a great hit - right down to his butt wrinkles.  I'm pleased with how little Roscoe came out.  It was a challenge and a privilege to have been asked to make the cake topper.
Thank you Eileen and Kyle - may you have many blessed years together.
Aunt Cyndy


Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Roscoe!

My nephew Kyle and his fiancee Eileen have made a special mini request. They would like a miniature sculpture of their dog, Roscoe. It will be the wedding cake topper.

Roscoe is a Colorado Bulldog, with an unusually large cranium!
Here's my progression thus far:
Looks a bit funny without front legs. The ears are just 'samples' at this time.
Mini Roscoe sits about 3 inches tall and will have a depth of about 4 inches including his tail.
Finally, four legs!
Almost ready for eyes, ears and tail. Need to work on those legs some more...
I am using Super Sculpey; I've learned to smooth the clay with baby oil which works great but I have to be careful to use it sparingly.
I am pleased with my progress thus far. The wedding is in 15 days - and I have to leave in 14 days (travel time), so time to get busy!
Enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Toodles for now,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something totally new for me

I have started my first mini doll sculpt!
And while other family members say she's "creepy", I'm pleased with my progress on this baby girl. Granted, the poor thing somewhat resembles a plucked chicken at this point. I hope to get the legs fashioned and all limbs attached this evening. My husband started back to school nights so I have three evenings a week to play!!  The head and torso measure less than 1 1/2 inches long at this point.
What fun things have you been creating?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I heart my mini club

I grew up in Massachusetts and have since lived in several states - brief stints in OK and ME, and 15 years in the PA snowbelt (brrr! goodbye snow shovel!)  I have been in the south nearly seven years now - last week marked the two year anniversary of living in NC.  This is the first time ever I have lived in an area that has miniature clubs close by.  I am a member of the Small Wonders Miniature Club of Cary, NC. We are a group of collectors and handcrafters who meet monthly.  We are a N.A.M.E. Blue Ribbon club and have lots of fun. Besides meeting great people, I have also met many talented people with deep roots in the miniatures world.

Last evening Sydnie Wagner again shared her amazing talents and knowledge with us. She provided all the materials for us to create mini bed sheets and pillowcase sets. There was a great selection of materials to chose from. Please excuse my poor photography skills.

I joked that I might create a mini Bed Bath & Beyond and next thing I knew, I was the recipient of 10 additional sheet kits so I may very well do so!  I am thinking of calling it "Dreams, Bubbles and More" ha ha.  In any case, the shampoo/conditioner sets I have recently created will work in the same setting!

Once I figured out how to prop these up, I've made quite a few in different colors.
I'm still plodding along with my kitchen room box. I have created some canned goods for the kitchen pantry, the cabinet is finished and awaits some goodies on its' shelves.
It's hard when real life keeps you so busy and you can't find any time for the fun stuff.  I do love creating my minis.  I've heard there is a mini shop in Mocksville NC - sadly, I still don't have the funds to bring that dream to fruition.
For my American friends, have a safe and happy 4th of July!  We're hoping the weather here allows us a bit of relaxation at the lake.  For my Canadian friends, a belated happy Canada day!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Baking Blitz

I made a 'few' Valentine's Day cherry tarts yesterday. When all was said and done, I had 39 of them. Had I known, I would have made at least one more!  These are easy and fun to do. A touch of Triple Thick glaze makes the filling shine.
Another project keeping me busy lately is making dollhouse dinner plates. Love the bird cage! The plate on the bottom left has a small bee on it. It will be for my bee themed kitchen room box.  The hearts plate (upper right) is the one I made for everyone in my Make a Cake class this past Monday.
Making plates is easier than I thought and rather addictive. The darkish looking one has strawberries on it; I am disappointed that it printed so dark. 
Hope you're having a fun and creative week! If you are in the path of winter storm Nemo, please take care. Be safe!  Toodles,