Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Icing on the Cake

The mini foods I best like to create are cakes, pastries and breads. (Oh, my sweet tooth!)
I thought I'd share the types of cake icings I use for different effects.

This cherry cake is frosted with a mixture of liquid Sculpey and polymer clay. It takes a lot of effort to get it smooth but it's worth the effort. I frosted between the baked layers of the cake, the sides and finally the top, baking for five minutes in between each step. It gets quite messy otherwise. 

 This St. Patrick's Day cake is iced with molding paste. It's light, fluffy and has that homemade look. Molding paste requires no baking as it air dries.

 This Christmas cake is made with a plain white clay layer. It is decorated only with the candies, Santa, and the trees. This creates a smooth, fondant look. All pieces were baked separately then glued into place.

 For a ganache effect, combine triple thick glaze or similar with paints or chalks of your choice. Then drizzle over your cake. It's also great for making chocolate covered strawberries.

 Another example of molding paste, this time with a touch of yellow paint added in. Molding paste comes in several brand names and is available in the art supplies/paint section of your hobby store.

For a smoother look, I wet my fingers and patted the molding paste down on this cake.

For intricate details, try mix molding paste with a touch of cornstarch before piping your designs. It helps the small details to hold their shape. This is something I am still working on. I do know that too much cornstarch will cause your creation to crack.

Do you frost your mini cakes using any of these methods or something else?
 Have fun and happy baking!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beautiful Giveaway from Lovejoy Bears

This piece is too sweet!  If I were the lucky winner, I'd have to build a room just for it.

I've not been too busy in minis lately - been kept low by a rotten head cold. But things are looking up! And while I was under the weather, I did manage to organize my mini photos and idea files (both digital and paper). Something that was long overdue!  I've got lots of ideas rattling around in my head. Hope you are all well. Last night, we had our 1st snow of the winter here in NC. Barely an inch, but enough to make my daughter happy.  
Toodles!  Cyndy 

Jazzi's Fun Giveaway - celebrating 50 followers!

I had to enter this giveaway. Like Jazzi, I love the color purple and the idea is too cute!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something a Little Different FAIL

If nothing else, I have learned a few things in my attempt to make a clear resin heart with imbedded roses. One: Acrylic water does not set up hard but rather it sets up tacky.  Very sticky.  Two: When using a silicone mold, it's a good idea to first give it a coating of Mold Release. Back to square one. Literally. I have to remake the mold as well - the first piece won't release!

Luckily I have not wasted all those little roses - my first attempt was with three large roses and some leaves. I'm disappointed, but the roses I can easily replace. The acrylic water came from the big W - my mistake for trying to cut corners. I've been to Michaels and have gotten a true hard setting resin - after the 50% off coupon it was  the same cost I thought I was saving with in the first place.  Now if I can just figure out what to do with a purple, sticky blog adorned with some gorgeous roses....

I'll keep you posted!

Amazing Miniature Bonsai Treehouses

All I can say is WOW. Click the link to see more!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something a Little Different

 My niece in law Danielle has requested a pendant. This is my first mold! It is just over 1 inch in diameter.  The roses will be encased in a resin heart when all is said and done (hopefully!)  I'm worried that I'll get air bubbles.  I'm still in the designing stage - leaves? no leaves? There are three roses there that appear to be orange and they will have to be replaced. If it comes out nicely, I may do more with roses of different colors. Wish me luck!
Toodles for now,