Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

A fine sunny morning here. Marred only by the 'singing' of the 13 year cicadas. (If you've never heard them, it's a constant drone from sun up to sun down. If you've ever seen hovering alien spacecraft in a 1950's sci fi movie, you get the idea.) Today, to spice things up, the sound is undulating. Hmmmm.

Jim and I went to the annual seed swap yesterday. Lots of fun, great people and we always come home with an exciting new plant or seeds. (Yesterday's treasures: sunchoke plant!)  We sold some fresh from the garden greens, and a few spare plants. Like last year, I toted along my miniatures and beaded jewelry. Didn't sell any last year, but you never know. A nice young man bought a set of mini breads for his Mom in FL who collects minis. Yay! Then I sold some jewelry and more miniatures too. All in all a good day!

Ok, now back to work! Still haven't finished the swap items - eek! They have to go out tomorrow.

Toodles - have a great day!

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