Friday, November 18, 2011

Scrambled Eggs or a Turkey & Swiss Sandwich?

Hooray! My order of mini plates arrived from Thailand. I love them! And I had some dollhouse foods ready to plate up. 

First, I present to you a hot breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast and a half of an orange. The eggs are okay; I've been thinking of better ways to create them. Or maybe next time I'll just go for an omelet. 

If you're still hungry when lunch rolls around, have a fresh turkey submarine sandwich with swiss cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato. I've added some chips and dill pickle spears. Everything was made from polymer clay with the exception of the chips - they are dried bell pepper seeds.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Today I celebrate my 55th birthday but I'm still a kid at heart!  My husband and I will celebrate tonight at our favorite Indian restaurant (he turned 58 last Friday).
Toodles for now!


  1. Those subs remind me of Jimmy Johns - my all time favorite! I was thinking of making one like that and have their wrapper in miniature part way around! Great job! the oranges look great!

  2. Oooo Jimmy Johns! Thank you!