Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Roscoe!

My nephew Kyle and his fiancee Eileen have made a special mini request. They would like a miniature sculpture of their dog, Roscoe. It will be the wedding cake topper.

Roscoe is a Colorado Bulldog, with an unusually large cranium!
Here's my progression thus far:
Looks a bit funny without front legs. The ears are just 'samples' at this time.
Mini Roscoe sits about 3 inches tall and will have a depth of about 4 inches including his tail.
Finally, four legs!
Almost ready for eyes, ears and tail. Need to work on those legs some more...
I am using Super Sculpey; I've learned to smooth the clay with baby oil which works great but I have to be careful to use it sparingly.
I am pleased with my progress thus far. The wedding is in 15 days - and I have to leave in 14 days (travel time), so time to get busy!
Enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Toodles for now,

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