Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Green Swap

I belong to Swap Shop, a yahoo group for miniaturists. And I was able to participate in another swap recently, the "Color Green Swap". I enjoy swapping; it's always fun to see other people's creativity. I made sanseveria plants (also known as Mother-in-law's tongue or Devil's tongue) and a set of perfume/nail polish bottles in 1 inch scale. This group also does 1/4 scale swaps, but I haven't gotten brave enough for that. This photo shows all the goodies we each received. Many thanks to Lynne, Barbara M., Adrian, Leslie, Barb K., Audrey and Anamari. I hope they all enjoyed this swap as much as I did. I think Santa will get the rug for his bedroom, and the quill pen for his desk. Toodles! Cyndy

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