Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Nod to My Scottish Heritage

I had the opportunity to attend an online tutorial at CDHM yesterday - a kilt or skirt in 1/12th scale. I made the kilt out of a 2nd hand cloth napkin (a very recent find at a thrift store - I got three mismatched napkins for 25 cents!) After I finished the kilt, I got to thinking, I do have a doll who could model it. He's not exactly Rob Roy, so I decided to make him a shirt. Then a sash seemed appropriate. And what about the sporran? A fingertip from an old leather glove, a bit of tassell from another cloth napkin and one button later - ta da!  (Kilts lack pockets, thus the guys have a sporran.)  I'm pleased with the result. DH says I should make a tam. I'm still thinking about that... 

Toodles for now!

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