Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three New Cakes in Two Sizes

I worked on some unfinished objects last night and here are the results. The two pink cakes are raspberry cream layer cakes in 1 inch and 1/2 inch scale. If you look close you might see the raspberry jam between the layers. Also you'll see that they need a bit of touch up. (Photographs can really make an oops stand out, can't they?)  I'm debating on the spice cake - it seems to be lacking something. I keep thinking some carrots on top but it's a spice cake, not a carrot cake.... 

I was helping my daughter with her Easter table project. It's going to be really cute!  Maybe she'll let me show it off here. As I was showing her how to fix her plastic cups, I managed to slice my finger tip with a razor blade.   Amazing how quickly that can happen. I'm okay but the bandaid makes me clumsy with minis.

Have a great day! Toodles,


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