Thursday, March 15, 2012

Posies, Pickles and a Plethora of Cupcakes

While real life has gotten busier lately (a good thing when you're a real estate agent!), I have managed to create miniatures in the odd spare moment. This past weekend I found a number of half finished items in my stash and this is what I came up with.

Three lonely pink posies and an unfinished square cake turned into this sweet confection. The leaves add just the right touch of extra color here.

A side product of my resin heart necklace project is excess resin. Thus I created a jar of pickles! It still needs a lid. I had a cucumber cane in my stash - always nice to already have something made when you're looking for it. The 'mold' used for this was a rubber pencil eraser - the kind that slips over the end of your pencil. I coated the eraser with baby oil and was able to pop the 'jar' right out.

Lastly, having a few cupcakes begging to be decorated led me to this collection. Some are orange cupcakes with a light sprinkle of orange sugar. Others have a small yellow flower with an orange center. They will look great on a bakery tray!

As for the rose filled resin heart, I may have a winner! I need to do a bit of light sanding and buffing before I show you.

Have a great evening! Toodles,

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