Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini Cake Making Class

 Last evening the Small Wonders Miniature Club of Cary had a miniature cake making class. And I was the instructor!  Can't begin to tell you how nervous I was!  I was especially nervous as Sydnie Wagner is a member of our club - she wrote a book on making mini food  (http://www.amazon.com/Petite-Eats-Treats-Fabulous-Foods/dp/0938685120)  .  I was able to provide everyone with enough materials to make three cakes. I also made sample cakes in advance to show them the 3 primary types of frosting I use on my cakes: fondant, TLS mix and homestyle (modeling paste).  I also had written instructions complete with photos of my making the sample cakes. I made the sample board in the photo below for a reference.    It seems like everyone had a great time. They all made such different cakes! It was fun to see all the different ideas come out. And not only did Sydnie compliment me on doing a great job, but she gave me an autographed copy of her mini book. How sweet!!

Lest you think that I've been taking it easy lately, I have made considerable progess on my bee themed kitchen roombox. Here are the table and benches. I made the bee and flower decals with TLS.
And I have installed shelves into the pantry. I made the shelf paper edging yesterday. It's going to look great! I also have my lighting in hand - chip LEDs. So I've added making lampshades to my to-do list. 
My husband loves going to the Habitat ReStore.  I still miss the one we used to frequent in GA - lots of books, clothes, etc.  Here in NC,  they don't get that domestic.  Tools, windows, toilets.  Pretty much boring.   But I recently accompanied my husband one rainy afternoon. Reluctantly, I'll admit. And look what I found!
 Okay, it's hard to tell but what you are looking at is one "The Heritage" dollhouse kit from Greenleaf.  It cost $10!!!  I just stood in the store with this dopey big grin when I spotted it.  Someone had started it - the base is done; there's some parts primed.  The instructions and all parts are there. Along with it I received several dollhouse carpets and sheets of wallpaper.  But I've made myself promise to finish my current projects before diving into this one.
This little hutch is a birthday gift for my friend, Frances.  I'm going to load it up with photos of her family, a cake, and some other little trinkets. Once I get the base done, it will be on its way to her. 
Hope you're all keeping safe and warm. Have a great week!


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