Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's House

This is my Santa's House which I created several years ago. The kit was sold by a local hardware store. I made my Halloween haunted house from the same kit; it's not nearly as pretty.

Not that this is particularly pretty itself. When I moved to GA in 2006, I had to leave behind non-essentials (ie: my miniatures, for starters). In my absence, a family of real mice moved into my dollhouses and shops. They chewed on furniture and polyclay veggies. (Does that mean my mini potatoes look that authentic?) They ate baskets and gnawed shelves. They made mousy messes everywhere. Even Santa's roof.... That was tackled first with a good scrub brush and lots of soap.
So, you see, all my buildings are in desperate need of rehabilitation. I am starting with Santa's house. You can see I didn't do such a great job of sanding and there are gaps at the tabs and slots (tsk! tsk!) And the spots I missed while painting! Thankfully I have a new eyeglass prescription now.

These are some goodies I've found this year for Santa's house. A nice Christmas-y plaid fabric (2 cloth napkins) for 75 cents; the packages and sign are button covers I picked up at a yard sale for a quarter. Another find from yesterday's thrift store shopping: a pair of mini wreaths with bows and golden bells (they began life as earrings) - again, a 25 cent purchase. (I don't know who loves my finds more - me or my DH. It just goes to show, miniatures don't have to be costly.)
When it's all said and done, Mrs. Claus will be in the kitchen, removing a cookie sheet of freshly baked Rudolph cookies while Santa studies his world time zones map in his upstairs office. (Or maybe he'll be napping in front of the fire in the living room.) I'll keep you posted on my progress!
Real life has been hectic of late. I don't know if I'll get back here soon, so I'll take this time to wish one and all the very best this Holiday season. However you may celebrate, I send blessings to you and best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year ahead.

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  1. I've done a lots of sanding and have begun the caulking as of Sunday 12/20/09. It won't be done by Christmas at this rate. But it is looking so much better.