Monday, December 21, 2009

Vignettes Created in 2009

Not sure why the top photo is so tiny. It is the first vignette I made in Jan. 2009. This is a 25th anniversary gift for my sister and her husband. The chair and table are kits; everything else I created by hand. The walls are decorated with wedding photos from their big day, as well as our parents' and Joe's parents' weddings. A photo album on the chair has photos from their wedding day to the latest grandchild. A six pack of Joe's favorite beer rests on the floor. I'd have to say the champagne glasses were the most difficult to create. I made them from clay. Now that I know the splendors of lite brite pegs, the next time I need champagne flutes I'll carve clear pegs.
This is the vignette I created to commemorate my Mother in Law's 90th birthday in May. She loved it! The chest and chair are kits though my husband had to craft new legs for the chair - the originals were lost in my moves over the years. Thanks Jim! The wallpaper I've had forever and the rug is a printie.

And last, but not least, I created this vignette for my Mom's birthday in July 2009. She loves to garden and has quite the green thumb. I thought with this she could enjoy a touch of summer even when it's snowing outside. There's an inchworm in there! That was my first tree and I'm rather proud of it. There's a nesting robin in the tree and a cardinal. Two chickadees are bathing. The birdbath bowl is the bottom of a bubble gum machine ball. The fence is made from wooden stir sticks (thanks for the cafe raids, Meg!!) I hand painted the background to match the paper on the sides. On hindsight, I wish I had handpainted the sides as well.
All in all, I was very pleased to get these projects done. They were lots of fun. I have several more in the planning stages.
Toodles til later!

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