Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something a Little Different

 My niece in law Danielle has requested a pendant. This is my first mold! It is just over 1 inch in diameter.  The roses will be encased in a resin heart when all is said and done (hopefully!)  I'm worried that I'll get air bubbles.  I'm still in the designing stage - leaves? no leaves? There are three roses there that appear to be orange and they will have to be replaced. If it comes out nicely, I may do more with roses of different colors. Wish me luck!
Toodles for now,


  1. Hi Cyndy!! So beautiful minis in your blog,I'm a new happy new follower of your work.Miniregards from Spain.

  2. Good luck, Cindy! ;)

    I have enjoyed your blog and now I am a follower.

  3. Hi Eliana - pretty name! Good to meet you as well.