Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something a Little Different FAIL

If nothing else, I have learned a few things in my attempt to make a clear resin heart with imbedded roses. One: Acrylic water does not set up hard but rather it sets up tacky.  Very sticky.  Two: When using a silicone mold, it's a good idea to first give it a coating of Mold Release. Back to square one. Literally. I have to remake the mold as well - the first piece won't release!

Luckily I have not wasted all those little roses - my first attempt was with three large roses and some leaves. I'm disappointed, but the roses I can easily replace. The acrylic water came from the big W - my mistake for trying to cut corners. I've been to Michaels and have gotten a true hard setting resin - after the 50% off coupon it was  the same cost I thought I was saving with in the first place.  Now if I can just figure out what to do with a purple, sticky blog adorned with some gorgeous roses....

I'll keep you posted!

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